Brushless motor control: Our specialization lies in embedded motor control for the automotive and industrial sectors. We are dedicated to creating professional-grade motor control solutions, encompassing custom electronics, firmware, and rigorous testing tailored to our clients‘ needs. Our global clientele includes prominent component manufacturers (1st and 2nd tier), who rely on us for comprehensive electronics and software services. Our offerings align with critical industry standards such as ASIL, ISO26262, ASPICE, and additional specific OEM requirements.


One of our main competences in developing embedded software is the perfect alignment of software and electronics. C and Matlab are  the industry standards and provide the necessary speed and efficiency for interacting with hardware. Errors in the software can have serious consequences for physical products. Therefore, our software is robust and reliable from the start.

Prototyping for Market Success

Planning to penetrate a new market with a competitive product, but facing challenges with software and electronics? Confronted with vague specifications and complex decision-making? This is precisely where we excel.

We provide you with a cost-effective, high-performance prototype that serves as a robust foundation for your market entry. Our approach ensures clarity, precision, and results, transforming uncertainties into tangible, market-ready solutions.

Seamless Transition from Prototype to Series

Has your prototype been successfully sold to one or several customers, yet the journey towards full-scale industrialization remains ambiguous? Let us guide you through this crucial phase.

We offer a clear, reasonable timeline and a cost-effective roadmap to achieve your development targets in the automotive sector. With ASPICE as our daily forte, we ensure that your project transitions smoothly from concept to reality, aligning with the highest industry standards.

Expert Consulting for Optimal Outcomes

Seeking an external perspective on your project? Realize the full potential of your vision on time with our seasoned team.

We employ a transparent and efficient design process, tailored to bring your ideas to life. Our consulting expertise ensures that you not only build the product you envision, but do so with strategic insights and excellence, every step of the way.