While EMS is not our domain, we excel as an electronics engineering service, providing you with comprehensive development services for your PCB and manufacturing processes. Our approach is swift and streamlined, perfectly suited for your brushless electric motor products. Embedded in our DNA is a deep expertise in automotive engineering, ensuring a partnership that meets stringent standards such as LV124, VW80000, VDA320, CISPR25, and others.


We ensure that our systems do not overheat, which could lead to failures or damage. We use thoughtful design and materials and technologies that allow effective heat dissipation.


Circuit board design is a central aspect of our product development. Especially in industries like the automotive sector, where the reliability and longevity of components are crucial. We attack challenges including complying with EMC standards, ensuring the lifespan of the components, the Miller effect, reverse recovery, and snubber dimensioning.


Our expertise is the experience in project execution and competence in manufacturing. Manufacturing circuit boards and complying with specific design requirements are critical factors for success. We are able to outsource manufacturing to specialized manufacturers to maximize quality and efficiency.